He was a million miles from a million dollars; but you could never spend his wealth.

Made a pretty necklace/choker to go into my shop soon! 😊 

Check it out!

Unbelivably happy to announce the opening of my Etsy Store - BigBlueBoxBoutique

Please show your support by clicking the link and taking a look of what I have to offer - a range of quirky, unique and personalised greetings cards!

Keep your eyes open over the next few weeks, I’ll be updating with handmade jewellery regularly! 

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Guys, I don’t use my tumblr for anything, but I am hoping that some people need safari friends as much as I do for Pokemon X/Y. 

My safari is fairy type and I at least know that it has Togepi. I will friend any type, but I’m hoping to find someone who has ponyta eventually.

Wendy: 0103-9293-9788

Reblogg your code if you want me to add you back or it won’t work. :)

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